Working Papers

Work in Progress

  • “Gender Differences in Time Use and Effects on Achievement: Evidence form children” with E. Duysak and Ipek Mumcu.

  • “Mitigating the Social Exclusion of Refugee Children: An Intervention on Perspective Taking” with C. Baysan, M. Gumren and E. Kubilay.

  • “Teacher Effects on Network Formation in the Classroom”, with E. Duysak, E. Kubilay and I. Mumcu.

  • “Stimulating Curiosity to Enhance Learning: A Randomized Educational Intervention”, with M. Gumren and I. Mumcu.

  • “Killing Curiosity Softly: Role of Parenting and Teaching Styles”, with E. Duysak, E. Kubilay and I. Mumcu.

  • “Corporate Culture and Productivity: Results from a Randomized Intervention on Firms, with G. Corekcioglu, M. Gumren and M. Sutter.

  • “Inequality, Redistribution and Innovation: Evidence from Children”, with M. Gumren.